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Blog recyling

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While i was trying to think up a new name for my blog, not the title. but the domain name, I found a lot of the names where taken. I was prepared for that since I know how many people have their blogs on this service, and I figured that the good ones have already been taken.

But I was suprised that when I checked some of those domains, example. that I found that that blog was inactive since 2004, or more or less 3 years now. The blog has only one post on it, and that is it. As far as I am concerned I believe that the blogger service should recycle those blogs, and release the domain name for others to use.Now if and when the user logs in back to his account, which is highly doubtful, after 3 years of inactivity, the  user has to pick a new domain name for his blog, since his old domain name, for the reason of inactivity was recycled. This should also be an interest of the blogger service, since I belive the intent of those running the service is to have as much active bloggers, and not empty blogs, that no body touched for over 3 years.

That would also improve the happiness of those opening new blogs, since they would know that they have a shot at the domain name they like. Rather then knowing that the domain name is used by nothing.

Written by Luka Ferlež

March 18, 2008 at 21:26

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