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The storyboard

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The storyboard for what I’m trying to do here is quite simple.

Now game publisher have released several series of management games so called tycoon games. What I have always found lacking, was that the games where not deep enough in terms of company management. The games always focus on building a certain industry, selling or transporting the goods to the end customer. That’s where most tycoon games stop, not giving you the depth of full company management. Like human resources, setting salary’s, unions, advertising, organizing company departments to function like at optimal levels. Not to mention setting the goals for your R&D department, picking your CEO’s, CTO’s., CAO’s etc. for your company.

I would also like with the full depth of the managment part of the game, have access to several industries. Like production, retailing, transportation, construction, real estate, media, hotels etc., at your desposal to work with.

If you combine all of this aspects of the game, you get a quite a range of possibilities and long term playability. That is just the basic story board.

Written by Luka Ferlež

March 18, 2008 at 21:23

Game layers

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Ok lets start with the game design, first off all to outline the available layers of the game. Once I complete all the layers, hopefully they will stack up nicely, and provide me with a playable game.

Basic game layers:

1. Map layer
2. Resources layer
3. Objects layer ( buildings, roads, etc.)
4. Construction layer
5. Economic layer
6. AI behavior layer
7. Random events layer
8. Game development layer ( general developments as the game progresses – population rise, economic states etc.)
9. Object behavior layer
10. Data layer ( file system)

Now I might add some or drop some layers from the picture as the development process goes on, but this should be the basic layers that the game should consist of.

Written by Luka Ferlež

March 18, 2008 at 21:21