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Been doing some programing lately, since I did none will I was on vacation. I made a couple of years ago a web site for my fathers company, and it has been working quite well, but i had to make some changes to it.

So I started to redo the css and so on, came up to the point of redoing some JavaScript.

Now I was never a big fan of scripting languages, and did do my share of programing in JavaScript, PHP, ASP (VBScript) and so on, and it was never to my liking. The only language I liked using was PHP because there I could use OOP, and that was a big thing for me since I don’t like messy code 🙂

But I abandoned PHP because there were some things that on my opinion make large scale programing difficult. Why? you ask, simply one big down side is the lack of an top notch debugger that can handle and work in all scenarios the same (tried Zend but did not like, I liked the work done with Eclipse). The one thing I could never forgive PHP is the way it handles different types of variables, and that there is no checking of the variables. For example if in certain function I create a variable named eclipse, and than try to reference it somewhere I make a typo and write eclpse = 1 then in that function I will have both variables and will be surprised to find out that my code does not work. Of course I am glad to see PHP developing futher, and so on as I believe PHP is ideal for sites that require some server work done, but not too much :).

Now since we live in the world of expanding Web 2.0 I would expect that the programing languages that are used in presenting data and the web are also evolving, and in this languages I don’t mean the ones that do their work on the server like PHP or VBScript, rather the ones that do their work on the client like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XHTML and so on I on purpose don’t put XML in any of these groups since I don’t believe that XML is a programing language (nor is HTML but what the hell).

If you look at the parts of code that are executed on the client you will see that all of them are evolving. CSS started with 1.0 now is 2.1, and the 3.0 is under development, the same with HTML and XHTML, now at version 4.01 and 1.0 but with high emphasis on development and version 5.0 and 2.0 are in the works.

What language did not change much since it was introduced in 1995, yes it did change I know, and it is use is highly dependent on DOM, but the thing I dislike most is the lack of OOP. I know that you can create you own objects and so on, but I don’t like the way that is accomplished, which I think is unnecessarily complicated. Again I dislike that the language is not strong typed, and the hole thing with variable types is symptomatic to the scripting languages.

Today with the expanding world of Web 2.0, and exciting new possibilities like AJAX which is the corner stone of Web 2.0, we as programmers would like to give web the look and feel of the desktop, I don’t believe that that will ever be possible, since the client essentially operates in offline mode connecting to the server jut to get the content, and believe that JavaScript and the DOM will be the bottleneck of Web 2.0 development.


Written by Luka Ferlež

March 18, 2008 at 21:29

Posted in Programing

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